About Us

The goal of Blockchain Pinoy is to create an online ecosystem where people can perform online transactions to buy, sell, trade, or lend the Blockchain Pinoy cryptocurrency known as PCoin. Blockchain Pinoy has three elements, first is the Blockchain Pinoy website, where users can learn and share information about blockchain, cryptocurrency, its future and implication to our daily lives. The second element is the PCoin, PCoin is the first Filipino developed cryptocurrency for the Filipino People, our vision is to see PCoin as the industry standard in online sales and trade in the Philippines. The third element is the Blockchain Pinoy Exchange, this is an online market place where Blockchain Pinoy users can, buy, sell and lend their PCoins.
Beta Test ends in :

  • Beta

  • "Blockchain In 7 Minutes" YouTube, uploaded by Simplelearn, Feb 27, 2019, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yubzJw0uiE4